Trisect Success Story - Sudhanshu Gupta, EEE 2014, BPIT, IPU

We'd like to share with you story of a Trisect student, Sudhanshu Gupta. Hopefully, through Sudhanshu's story, you can see parallels in your own learning process. – Trisect Team

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Sudhanshu Gupta


Software Developer at Ballistic Learning

Sudhanshu did his B.Tech in EEE from Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology, IPU in 2014.

Sudhanshu joined Trisect's Job Ready Java, a course specially designed to also assist students who do not come from a CS or IT background. The aim of of Job Ready Java is to make each student a Java Master. A Java Master not only gets a good software job but also excels in the job.

After completing the Job Ready Java course, Sudhanshu attended Trisect Placement Drives. Despite having a gap of 2 years and being from a non CS / IT background, Sudhanshu was able to attend Trisect Placement Drives. He did well in the Trisect Placement Drive at Ballistic Learning and got a job offer for a software developer role from the company.

Though Sudhanshu had gap years and was from EEE background, he achieved his dream of becoming a software developer. This happens all the time at Trisect. At Trisect, software companies look for knowledge of programming and Java. They are not bothered whether the fresher is from CS background or EE, EEE, EEE, EIE etc.

Trisect, the best institute for Java in Delhi NCR and Noida, is renowned for its job oriented Job Ready Java training. The objective of Job Ready Java is to make each student a Java Master. Software companies like a Java Master. They want to hire them. A Java Master also gets increments and promotions.

All these success stories are a result of Trisect's job oriented Job Ready Java training. Because of the learning that Job Ready Java provides, software companies want to give jobs to these freshers. As a result, Trisect was able to conduct 127 Trisect Placement Drives in 2016.

To help students, Trisect - a IIT IIM venture, offers a unique Pay After Placement initiative. Pay After Placement is a social initiative from Trisect which reduces the financial burden on the student. Trisect is now the best institute for Java in Delhi NCR and Noida.