Trisect Success Story - Ishika Gupta, CSE 2015, UPTU

We'd like to share with you story of a Trisect student, Ishika Gupta. Hopefully, through Ishika's story, you can see parallels in your own learning process. – Trisect Team

ishika gupta's photo

Ishika Gupta

CSE 2015, Bhagwan Mahavir Institute, DCRUST

Software Developer at AppStudioz

Ishita completed her B.Tech in Computer Science from Bhagwan Mahavin Institute, Dcrust in 2015. She had been trying to become a software developer for some time but was not getting a good software job.

Ishita joined Trisect's Job Ready Java, a specially designed course aimed at making a student a Java Master. Becoming a Java Master has two benefits - you will get a software job and you will do well in the software job.

After completing the Job Ready Java course, Ishita started attending the Trisect Placement Drives. As Ishita had learnt Java well, she was able to perform well in both the technical round and the technical interview. All the companies that hire from Trisect have a technical round (either pen or paper or on a computer). She performed very well in the placement drive at AppStudioz and got selected. We are sure that the knowledge learnt in the Job Ready Java course will make Ishita excel in her job.

There are a lot of opportunities for students who have good knowledge of Java. Trisect works with 100+ companies in Delhi NCR and all of them want knowledgeable freshers. The industry likes Java Masters and wants to hire them. So, like Ishita, learn and become a Java Master and fulfil your dream of a software career.

Read what Ishika has to say about Trisect:

Trisect, the best institute for Java in Delhi NCR and Noida, is renowned for its job oriented Job Ready Java training. The objective of Job Ready Java is to make each student a Java Master. Software companies like a Java Master. They want to hire them. A Java Master also gets increments and promotions.

All these success stories are a result of Trisect's job oriented Job Ready Java training. Because of the learning that Job Ready Java provides, software companies want to give jobs to these freshers. As a result, Trisect was able to conduct 127 Trisect Placement Drives in 2016.

To help students, Trisect - a IIT IIM venture, offers a unique Pay After Placement initiative. Pay After Placement is a social initiative from Trisect which reduces the financial burden on the student. Trisect is now the best institute for Java in Delhi NCR and Noida.