Trisect Success Story - Imran Zafar, ECE 2012, VTU

We'd like to share with you story of a Trisect student, Imran Zafar. Hopefully, through Imran's story, you can see parallels in your own learning process. – Trisect Team

Imran Zafar

ECE 2012, VTU

Software Developer at Affle AppStudioz


Imran is a professional with 3+ years of work-ex with HCL in a non development role. He was already taking a decent salary at HCL but wasn't satisfied with the role he was employed. He tried to move to dev roles within HCL but wasn't able to get it done.

What went wrong?

Despite good technology knowledge, his background was coming up everytime when he tried making a shift to dev role within HCL and beyond as well. Additionally, he required polishing on his logical programming in order to shine out of the crowd as well.

How Trisect helped him?

Trisect did just what he needed. He double timed by working in HCL and taking classes on weekends. Though at times there were gaps withn his homework but he use to give in extra hours on weekends to cope up the same. His hardwork paid of and now he is a Software Developer at AppStudioz

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