Who should do a Final Semester Internship in Java. How should I think about it.

November 28, 2017

In my final semester or B.Tech or MCA, should I do an Internship in Java.

In a lot of colleges, the final semester of B.Tech and MCA is an industrial training or internship. The student should carefully choose the right kind of internship to do as it can have an impact on their career. They should choose the correct Internship in their final semester.

A lot of students do not have sufficient knowledge of programming and any programming language like Java. Though in most colleges a programming language is part of the syllabus and curriculum, the student does not know it well enough. These students know that getting a job through the college placements will be tough. But it not a time to get disheartened. These students should know that their are lots of software companies in Delhi NCR (Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon), Bangalore (or Bengaluru), Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Chandigarh etc. But these software companies want to hire students who are good in programming, have done lots of coding and are knowledgeable about Java or any other programming language.

The final semester Internship in Java should be viewed as an opportunity to make yourself a good programmer, to have good knowledge of Java - to become a Java Master. So, this time should be utilised to ensure that these issues are taken care of and at the end of the final semester you have become a good programmer who has written hundreds of programs and thousands of lines of code.

So, when you are choosing to do a final semester internship, your goal is clear. Also, it is advisable to choose an online Java internship. Why.

How do you write code. On your computer. And also, while writing code you sometimes face problems. An online Java internship is really helpful in enabling you to write lots of code. Also, with their 1 on 1 personalized attention and doubt clearing, your doubts are cleared and you progress much faster towards becoming a better Java developer.

The internship at Trisect is structured as follows

- 4.5 months of rigorous training in Java covering both Core Java and Advanced Java.

- 1.5 months of project in Java

The 4.5 months rigorous training in Java covers the following topics

- Introduction to programming in Java

- Java and OOPS - Core java

- Collections, Basic Algorithms and Basic Data Structures


- Introduction to J2EE, JSP and Servlets - Advanced Java

During the training, the student will write 100+ programs in Java and several thousand lines of code. This ensures that the student has understood the concepts of Java and also started applying them.

After the training course is over, extensive projects are created by the student. The object of these projects is to make the student capable to applying the concepts learnt in the Java training course on larger problems. It also teaches a student who to approach larger problems, break them into smaller units, solve these smaller units and then finally put them together as a project. The student also learns to use different technologies in the same project.

So, once a student does such an internship or industrial training in Java well, the student will become a good Java developer. This will prepare the student to get a job in the software industry as well as do well within the software industry. Good knowledge of Java will also help the student to learn more technologies like Python, node.js, angular, Android, iOS etc which are commonly used technologies in the industry along with Java and J2EE.

So, in your final semester it is a good idea to join Trisect. You can read the details of this training course at Final Semester Internship in Java and start becoming a Java Master. Do not miss this opportunity to transform your career.