I am doing a Java training to get a software job. Which Java training should I do - Core Java, Advanced Java or Job Ready Java?

February 10, 2017

Lots of students ask this question. I have completed my B.Tech, MCA, M.Tech, BCA, BSc. I am doing a Java training to get a software job. Which Java training should I do - Core Java, Advanced Java or Job Ready Java. Doing the right course and doing it well is very important in starting a right software development career.

To answer this question, the student was asked to share the curriculum of the Core Java course. The 3 month course covered:

  • Java Classes and OOPS with Packages, Interface and Exception Handling
  • Swing, AWT, Applets
  • Multi Threaded Programming, I/O Streams. Networking, Reflection, Remote Method Invocation
  • Collection Framework
  • Database Programming and JDBC

The six months Advanced Java course (which included the Core Java course) covered all the topics in Core Java mentioned above. The other topics covered were:

  • J2EE Architecture, Components, Containers, Services
  • UML and XML
  • Java Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP), JSTL
  • Ajax, JQuery, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)
  • J2EE Design Patterns
  • Struts and Struts Framework
  • Hibernate and Spring

Going through all the course details, it is apparent to any student that these are a lot of topics. You are doing this course because you need to learn, become a master in it, get a job and then perform in the software job. You do not know much of Java and are weak in Java. Do you think you will be able to learn and master all these topics. Or are you just putting a tick mark in front of all these topics.

What happens in most training institutes is that they offer courses with huge number of topics. The student thinks that all these topics are important and joins the course feeling that "I will learn all these topics". What ends up happening is that an instructor just covers all these topics (in varying quality) on the board and the student has learnt very less. The only thing the student knows at the end of the course are some jargon, definitions and some mugged up questions. There is very little appreciation of Java. This is exactly what happened in college and the same gets repeated in the training institute. The student at the end of the course feels that he is not good in Java and starts questioning his choices.

What is the objective of these training programs. The fresher wanted to learn Java and then get a software job. Is there a chance that the student can master all these topics. Is there even a need to master all of them.

Trisect conducted 127 software placement drives in 2016. These drives were for software development positions. Looking at the requirements that the companies had in all these placement drives, it is clear that - Software companies are looking to hire students which have good basic knowledge of Java. This would mean good knowledge of functional programming and ability to write code, knowledge of OOPS and Collection Framework and basic understanding of data structures. The important fact is that the fresher should know it well and understand it rather than just mug it up. The fresher should be a Java Master.

With this knowledge, Trisect has designed the Job Ready Java course. Job Ready Java as the name suggests aims to make a fresher learn the fundamentals of Java, OOPS, Collections and basic data structures. The focus of Job Ready Java is to become a Java Master, i.e., to learn these topics well. Because as well know, if you learn these topics well, you will become a Java Master and the industry likes Java Masters. They want to hire them and Java Masters also get promotions.

So, it is obvious that any fresher should aim to do Job Ready Java rather than a normal Core Java or Advanced Java.

Trisect, the best institute for Java in Delhi NCR and Noida, motto is that every student should become a Java Master ( #JavaMaster , #TrisectJava ). And it is possible to achieve it. Everyone can Become a Java Master. Trisect's course Job Ready Java is specially designed to make a student / fresher a Java Master. A lot of students perceive it as a job oriented training for software job but in reality it is aimed at creating a Java Master. Trisect's relentless focus on Java Master in the Job Ready course has led to a lot of software companies working with Trisect and in 2016 Trisect was able to conduct 127 Trisect Placement Drives.

Also, to help students Trisect, an IIT IIM alumni venture, offers a unique Pay After Placement initiative. Pay After Placement, a social initiative from Trisect reduces the burden on the student and makes the student focus on the job oriented Job Ready Java course. All this effort has resulted in Trisect becoming the best institute for Java in Delhi NCR and Noida.