Final semester Internship in Java for B.Tech and MCA students from Trisect in Delhi NCR (Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon)

November 24, 2017

Trisect offers a 6 month internship in Java for final year / semester students of B.Tech and MCA. A great opportunity in Delhi NCR (Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon)

In the final semester of B.Tech and MCA, a lot of students do a full semester of internship. The objective of this internship is to gain knowledge of Java and become a Java Master ready to enter the software industry.

Trisect offers such an internship to final year students of BTech and MCA who are in their final semester.

The internship at Trisect is structured as follows

- 4.5 months of rigorous training in Java covering both Core Java and Advanced Java.

- 1.5 months of project in Java

The 4.5 months rigorous training in Java covers the following topics

- Introduction to programming in Java

- Java and OOPS - Core java

- Collections, Basic Algorithms and Basic Data Structures


- Introduction to J2EE, JSP and Servlets - Advanced Java

During the training, the student will write 100+ programs in Java and several thousand lines of code. This ensures that the student has understood the concepts of Java and also started applying them.

After the training course is over, extensive projects are created by the student. The object of these projects is to make the student capable to applying the concepts learnt in the Java training course on larger problems. It also teaches a student who to approach larger problems, break them into smaller units, solve these smaller units and then finally put them together as a project. The student also learns to use different technologies in the same project.

Trisect, an institute by IIT IIM alumni, is the best institute for Java. By doing this rigorous internship under the guidance of the dedicated and experienced faculty at Trisect, the student will make great strides in the pursuit of becoming a Java Master.

This knowledge of Java will also lay the foundation for the student to learn more technologies like Python, node.js, angular, Android, iOS etc. Once a strong foundation in Java has been but, it will easier to learn and master these new technologies.

So, in your final semester it is a good idea to join Trisect. You can read the details of this training course at Final Semester Internship in Java and start becoming a Java Master. Do not miss this opportunity to transform your career.